Sunkissed Earth | Vegan Jewelry for the Soul

Sunkissed Earth handcrafts nature-inspired vegan jewelry for free-spirited men and women of all ages.  We share your passion for life and strive to help others live in harmony with all Earth's creations. We believe the beauty of nature expands and enriches our senses and we design pieces that allow us to develop a deeper awareness of the world around us and within ourselves.  

Our jewelry is so comfortable and casual, you can wear it just about anywhere.  Our selection includes bracelets, necklaces, and anklets in both colorful patterns and subtle Earth tones.  The mixture of gemstones, unique woods, recycled glass, and fair trade metals provide a mix of textures unique to our collection.  Choose one of our carefully constructed bracelets for its healing properties and gentle reminder about how to get through our days easier and with more understanding, harmony, and peace.

Everything is made right here in Kansas City.  

Have something in mind you want us to create?  Let us know and we can discuss a custom order.