About Sunkissed Earth and the Designer 


Sunkissed Earth was founded in 2015 to provide stylish, unique, vegan jewelry at reasonable prices.  We started with a collection of hemp and gemstone macrame jewelry in early 2015, then quickly expanded to healing bracelets, vegan leather chokers, and long knotted necklaces by the summer.  Each piece of jewelry is intentionally designed and named based on the mixture of gemstones, materials used, and their healing properties.  We search for eco-friendly and free-trade materials to include in our designs, including recycled glass from Bali, handcrafted wood beads from the Philippines, and handmade metal beads from Ethiopia.  Our goal is to create jewelry for both men and women that is not only fun to wear, but provides healing and positive energy for one's life.


Natalie McClelland

Handcrafted jewelry and accessories have been a part of my life as long as I can remember.  As a child growing up in Los Angeles during the 1970's and 1980's, summers were spent under the sun at the beach, at day camp, or outdoors with neighborhood friends.  At camp I enjoyed creating beaded jewelry for fellow campers and my favorite counselors.  The ocean, mountains, and sun were a constant in my life, and I don't remember many days as a child when I didn't see or appreciate any of them!

Later as a an undergraduate student in Eugene, Oregon at the University of Oregon (Go Ducks!),  I participated in numerous beading and macrame workshops using all natural materials in the basement of the Student Union.  What better place to explore my creativity than Eugene with all of it's surrounding beauty?  No ocean, but I was surrounded by the pure green of the forest, gorgeous rivers, and tall snow-capped mountains nearby. 

After University of Oregon, life took a series of paths that brought me to where I am today.  Web design, search engine optimization, education, and numerous start-ups all gave me invaluable experience.  Click to view my LinkedIn profile for more details.

I was blessed with the birth of 2 daughters in 2000 and 2002, both born in La Jolla, CA.  From the very beginning these girls have been nonstop energy, fun, and inspiration in my life. The three of us have been through many adventures together and moved to this great city in the Midwest in the summer of 2009. Here in Kansas City we teamed up with the other half of our now-blended family, 2 equally strong girls and one very brave dad.  

Raising daughters is wonderful, however I tired of working in front of a computer for a good part of my day.  So after a 15+ career in Web design/SEO and tech-related start-ups,  I rediscovered my passion for working creatively with my hands and making jewelry. The passion grew quickly from a hobby into something much greater.  I had a great need to create and share my designs with others.  

Combining my new self-taught jewelry-making skills (thanks YouTube), love for nature, and passion for the ethical treatment of animals,  Sunkissed Earth was born in 2015.  As a vegetarian and someone who seeks out vegan products, I found a lack of vegan jewelry in the United States.  I decided to only use vegan materials when making jewelry and found wonderful alternatives to leather, suede, and pearls.  In addition, I could offer these pieces at much better prices to my customers. 

Sunkissed Earth Jewelry

Inspiration for my jewelry comes from all over.  My daughters often ask me to create a piece for them and this gives me insight into new trends.  Or I may create a special piece for a friend going through a difficult life event - carefully choosing the gemstones - and this becomes part of our collection. Sometimes a color combination in a plant or tree catches my eye as I'm walking around the park and I return to my studio anxious to try various combinations of gemstones and wood beads to recreate the look and texture in a a piece of jewelry.  

Each Sunkissed Earth piece is carefully crafted using all vegan materials.  You can wear our jewelry knowing that I put my heart and soul into each piece.  

When I'm not making jewelry or anything related to my business, you might find me walking our 2 dogs around the neighborhood, catching a Royals or Chief's game with family and friends, joining a yoga class, practicing my golf swing, or reading a fiction book outside in good weather (or in a hammock at Loose Park). Mostly I'm home or nearby with my husband and our blended family of 4 teenage daughters.  I get back to Los Angeles whenever possible to visit my parents, family and friends.   

I'm thankful for the amazing community of Kansas City and all the support I've been given in such a short amount of time.  The community of artists and makers here is incredible, and the people of Kansas City are one-of-kind!  

-Natalie McClelland, Sunkissed Earth